Everest Base Camp Trek - A wonderful mini expedition of the Mt.Everest

Climbing to Mt Everest is the dream of every adventurer, and you may not step foot on Mount Everest, but that does not mean you can’t...

Climbing to Mt Everest is the dream of every adventurer, and you may not step foot on Mount Everest, but that does not mean you can’t try a trip to Everest base camp trek. This is a mini-expedition of the Mt Everest that you will be pushed to the limit both physically and mentally, but it is very worth to try!

Every day you will get spectacular scenery and great personal accomplishment. 12 days (8 days on a road trip, trekking to the Everest camp for 4 days), you will pass through the evergreen scenery, like paintings that change every day, and you will find yourself lost in mountainous terrain. From the lush farmland and the fertile grassland into the clear blue Lake and the glacier, the more you climb the higher. When you finish the day of trekking emotions and tiredness, you will always feel great pride in a step closer to the ultimate goal.

Starting your first day to trek from Tingri, today’s trek is not too challenging, tends to be steady, a three-hour climb is a good one for the general trekking pace and continuous conditions Introduce and gives you enough time to rest for day two, it’s one of the hardest aside from the Everest Base Camp ascent day. Along with the Ra-chu Valley which is the beautiful valley with one of the meadows and packs of sheep and goats. You will hike to the town of Lungchang in 4,510 meters, it needs 5 hours of trekking to get there.


The next three days of trekking is the most challenging. (Lamna La the next day, Rongphu (5100m) on the third day, the fourth day you will reach to EBC (5200m). You will feel the changes in the air every day at 6 am wake up becomes ruthless and monotonous of the struggle; the day has become long and hard; extreme fatigue, loss of appetite and high altitude sickness kicked; cold conditions become bitter. Personally, I have come to this point, I just want it all over, but in the end one day, you try to pull yourself up the last stop on the uphill.

When you arrive at Mt Everest base camp, the amazing 5200 meters, you will feel very proud of yourself. You can do nothing but surprise marvel at the specter before you. You can watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset of Mt Everest and enjoy the magnificent and realistic white snow peaks of the screen. Between hug and shake hands of congratulation, you will find yourself in awe in complete silence, or if you have an emotional passion like me, you will shed tears. Do not expect a camp full of desire to climb Mount Everest, however, because the best time to travel to the base camp, only in the world more bold climbers than the season.

When I first enrolled in this trek, I did not know what to expect. I knew it would be hard for me, but I never realized how difficult it was. The key is to keep a positive attitude every day. You need to know that every sad step, a spectacular view awaits you. In the process of the trek, you will listen to your own body, adjust your breath, drink plenty of water, do not overuse yourself. If you need to stop, Juts do it. If you are the last one to reach the finish, who cares? Do not stubborn to continue, because keeping the pace of slow and steady is important for trekking. Not many people say that trekking to Everest base camp is always one of the greatest achievements of my life, but it is indeed the most beautiful and unique trekking trip in the world.

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