How to going on Everest Base Camp Trek?

Someone asked George. Mallory, who is a British climber: "why he was so persistent to Mt Everest?" “Because it's there,&q...

Someone asked George. Mallory, who is a British climber: "why he was so persistent to Mt Everest?" “Because it's there," George replied. Maybe there are lots of reasons to not do trekking, but trekking to Everest base camp has always been irrational behavior which is the desire to prevail over reason. Anyone who would seriously consider doing so almost surpassed the category of reason.

So in recent years, the trek to Everest Base Camp has become more and more popular. Most people have a dream of seeing the world’s highest peak in their whole life. In 2015, between 35,000 and 37,000 people trekked in the Everest region.

What's it like trekking to Mt Everest in Tibet?

Aside from a breathtaking view of the scenery, you can experience the unique Tibet culture by visiting monasteries and museums in the holy Lhasa city. Days are filled with trekking for the sheer pleasure of it, past the colorful prayer wheels and beautiful lakes straight out of Mt Himalayas.

The heady mix of natural beauty, fascinating culture and a personal sense of achievement, as well as warm Tibet people, makes the Everest Base Camp trek become one of the most unforgettable experiences in the world.


When should I do the trek in Tibet?

In general, Everest base camp trekking time is from mid-September to May. Traditionally October was the most popular moment of a trek. The temperature was not too high is a good point of view.

If you choose to do trekking in December or January, you need to be ready for the right clothes, because of the low temperatures. We are always interested in Christmas and New Year's trips as it is an exciting holiday resort that minimizes the days you spend from holiday benefits.

When you go to March and April, the temperature gets warmer. You will be able to see activities in the Everest base camp, as the large study is ready for the summit.


Do I need a guide?

As you see, foreigners are banned from traveling to Tibet on their selves by the Chinese government. The only way you can trek to EBC from Tibet is that you need to join in a local Tibet travel agency company, it can provide you with all the advantages, including airport shuttle, accommodation, itinerary, an excellent English-speaking guide and Tibet permit which is the basic document required to be applied before your coming.  


How do I get in shape?

There is nothing that can be prepared for your trekking with the altitude of up to 5545 meters above sea level. But the people who have average fitness can do this trek, so it’s better not be put off. "Slow and stable" is the key to realizing and enjoying trekking.

Before you do trek a month ago, you can do some appropriate exercise, such as running, swimming, plenty of walking. Aim for a five-hour walk once a week. Look for hills or find a tall building and repeatedly walk up.


What should I take?

When you go for a trip to EBC in Tibet, You should take the passport with all necessary visas and Tibet travel permits. You need to bring down jackets, warm sweaters, gloves, warm pants, woolen hats. It is very cold in the morning and evening when you are in above 3000m. When sleeping in BEC tent camp, a sleeping bag is a good way to keep your personal sanitary. Also, it is very important to have a strong comfortable pair of boots. Especially your travel covers the remote area and you have to walk for a long distance.

The wind and solar radiation are quite strong in Tibet. The skin care products are quite necessary, such as lip balms,  sunblock, and skin creamssunglasses.

To prevent the occurrence of altitude sickness, you can have a proper rest and avoid strenuous activities days before you go and carry some medication in case.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp had been a dream of everyone who has an adventurous spirit for a lifetime. So if you interested in trekking, why not to prepare for a Tibet travel now when you still young? 

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