Mount Everest base camp trek in Tibetan- Food and drink FAQS

When you plan to Mount Everest base camp tour , the most important thing you need to know is what food will be available to you and wh...

It's very happy for travelers to enjoy nice dishes at Everest base camp with friends.

When you plan to Mount Everest base camp tour, the most important thing you need to know is what food will be available to you and what food you’ll need to bring yourself. Here, we collected the list of FAQ about food and water at Everest Base Camp trek.

 Water is very important for you to complete an Mount Everest base camp tour.

Q: Can I drink the water on the Everest base camp?

A: well, in my opinion, drinking tap water at high altitude is a big source of pollution. It is not safe at all to drink directly water which is stored in buckets and even running water. It’s a great way to bring water purifying tablets or a water purifying stick, which means you not only can save money but also can protect the environment. Besides, you can buy a decent thermos flask or plastic water container in Tibetan, it's good for you to top up with hot and boiled water at the beginning of the day – starting with hot water will stop it freezing. Boiling water will most likely kill any germs, but since most cooking and boiling in Tibet is done by burning wood I try not to encourage that any more than necessary since cutting down trees leads to landslides. What’s more, the other good way is to buy bottled water is in store and tea house, because the multi filtering thing they do eliminates the heavy metals and other bad chemical stuff. 

 You can enjoy great time in tea house at Everest base camp with friends.

Q: How much water should I drink at Everest base camp?

A: As we all know, Water is very important during trekking to Everest base camp at high altitudes, so you’d a better drink in the region of 3-4 liters per day. Besides, drinking less after dinner to minimize cold bathroom breaks in the middle of the night. Getting out of your warm sleeping bag isn’t fun.

 Enjoy yourself and have fun at Everest base camp

Q Is beer allowed on the Everest trek?

A: I don’t recommend drinking beer on the Everest trek. As you see, High altitude and beer don’t mix well and it will only make your trek more difficult. I saved my celebration beers for my return to Lhasa and it made the beer taste that much better. Here, you have a good chance to try for Lhasa beer, it is a pleasant and fairly robust noble hop presence opens the taste, again somewhat like a Pilsener.

 Here, you will get to know what food and drink you can buy at Everest base camp.

Q: Should I bring my own food on Everest base camp trek?

ATibetan food is known for its use of noodles, goat, yak, mutton, dumplings, cheese, butter and soups, but there is a lack of nutritious snacks or protein type bars on the trail. If you don’t want to eat Snickers and Twix for your daily energy boost, you can bring some snacks and bars from home.

If you go for a trip to Everest base camp in Tibetan side, you'd better try some of the unique dishes in Tibetan as below: 


Momos are a more and more popular local delicacy in Tibetan. They are made of yak meat or vegetables. If you want a dipping sauce with them, it seems like a good one: Simple Soy Dipping Sauce, yummy!


Yak Steak

If you love meat then you should never miss a yak steak! Yak steak will often be served with a lovely blue cheese sauce or similar food. The distinctive flavor is a wondrous thing when cooked well.

Yak Hotpot

In any case, it is a must try if you are Tibetan! a medium hotpot is enough for 6 people, so you need to think about it and invite your friends before ordering it! It’s a friendly meal that can be shared by many friends and family!

Yak Yoghurt

It’s a real delicacy for the Tibetans. A well-made Yak yogurt is regarded as high cuisine and you do get why: creamy, with a lovely taste. If you enjoy your local yogurts I do suggest that you can add some sugar to make it taste good.

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