Top 5 reasons to try for Everest Base Camp Trek

Mount Everest enjoys the reputation of the roof of the world which has more than 40 high peaks in 7000 meters above sea level nearby. I...

It's my first time to go for  everest base camp trek, it's so amazing journey that I never had before.

Mount Everest enjoys the reputation of the roof of the world which has more than 40 high peaks in 7000 meters above sea level nearby. It offers grandest of adventure around the world's highest Himalayas passing through ancient monasteries, Himalaya sightseeing, beautiful Tibetan villages and eye-catching views along the way. To our Surprise, every adventure lover wants to go for Everest base camp trek. I used to want to know why until I found these following top 5 reasons for EBC trek.

It's so amazing to see Mt Everest, you will get lost in it.

1 Huge Adventure

If adventure is something that you enjoy, Mt Everest will definitely be something that will excite you. There is no doubt that nothing can be the best adventurous experience except for reaching the base camp of the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest. May climbing Mount Everest is not suitable for all of us, but most of us can reach to Everest base camp trek and it’s a huge challenge in itself to make us feel a sense of adventure.

It's so beautiful of sunrise of Mt Everest that I have never seen before.

2 Healthy and Fitness

Although travelers who have average fitness can trek to Everest base camp, you still are well aware of some training that is required. Why is this beneficial? Well, trekking on the altitude of up to 5545 meters above sea level is not so easier than you wonder. On the other hand, once you have completed your trek to Everest base camp, you may find that your fitness levels are the best level they have ever had. It is likely that you will still want to stay at this fitness level once you go back home.

it's a good experience to go for everest base camp trek tour.

3 Turn off and Turn in

Except for patchy mobile coverage along the trail and the camera function along the trail, your devices will be essentially useless. You have a good chance to disconnect from the frantic digital world and connect with the real one. With a guided adventure, you don’t need to think about anything unrelated, just trekking, seeing charming Himalaya landscape, eating and sleeping.

It's a special experience to spend a whole night on everest base camp.

4 Life Changing Experience

Reaching any destination will never feel as good as the final arriving at Everest base camp. From the camp, you have a good chance to see the beautiful sunrise of Mt Everest. You will be overwhelmed at this majestic rock formation and get inspired at being in the shadow of the world’s tallest mountain. Trek to Everest base camp Everest is the perfect thing for those who like to be challenged. It really can change your whole outlook on life.

It's time for us to go for a trip to everest base camp trek and feel wonderful about this.

5 Sense of Achievement

One of the main advantages that come with completing an Everest base camp trekking is the sense of personal achievement that you will feel. Although it is a much more available option than climbing Mt Everest, there still aren’t that many travelers in the world who have finished this trip. Being one of few to have done this journey is something to cross off the bucket list and also doesn’t harm your dinner party stories. Besides, trekking to Everest base camp may make you want to experience more of the world and achieve more things.

It's so sweet journey to everest base camp trek with you best friends.

As I said, this trek to Everest base camp in Tibet l stands out as one of the best adventures I’ve ever had. If you are experiencing wanderlust and are looking for the trip of your life, you won't regret this visit!

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