What’s life like at Everest base camp?

Everest base camp is not just a trek rather than a challenge, that means you will leave your comfort zone, 12 days without a proper sh...

It's very happy to stay with friends from all over the world in tent.

Everest base camp is not just a trek rather than a challenge, that means you will leave your comfort zone, 12 days without a proper shower, but it’s a worth a try! Because you will visit the world's most famous mountainous and be surrounded by the incredible culture. This Everest trekking package has expanded people's horizons as it takes us away from the comforts of home and put us in the land of simplicity!

 On Everest base camp, you will clear to see the summit of Everest,it's so  amazing!

It's said that Everest's Advanced Base Camp (ABC) on the mountain's northern side is the highest place on Earth so you can trek to there on established trails. Today's camp can be a small village with hundreds of trekkers and climbers, and dozens of colored tents from around the world. Around 20 different Mt. Everest climbers from around the world take residence here each spring for three months. Outside the tent, you will hear the crunching of snow which is made by climbers on the way to the icefall (if you are on the South side). The weather in the morning is often much lower than the freezing point, most of the trekkers are often going to stay in the tent until the sun hit camping, so that making it more warm and reliable to leave the warmth of your sleeping bag.

 the sightseeing in Everest Base camp is very breathtaking and beautiful!

In fact, there are tree Everest base camps, one is in Tibet side and the other two is in Nepal side. At the bottom of the Khumbu Glacier, there is a camp that offers limited travelers accommodation but continues up the past that, the real tent city begins. Every day, with the Himalayas gradually into the sky, the surrounding landscape becomes creaky. The avalanche and rock falls are almost an hour of events, and in the quiet of the night, the ice pack breaks and groans under your sleeping tent.

 Shaving in Everest base camp is a very interesting thing !

Even if in the summer to Everest Base Camp, you may suffer from a cold, it’s really cold. In the sunny days, the temperature of the day hovering above the freezing point, but once the wind took off, the sun disappeared behind the clouds, the night will show a cold face, mercury can drop below -20 . What’s more, compared with the sea level, only 60% of the oxygen is available for you, that means there is almost anything will make you a short breath. Eating, drinking, and even brushing teeth may be a daunting task. All you need do is try to sleep on the first day and Feel humorous claustrophobic.

 It's sweet to eat food with friends from all over the world.

Breakfast and dinner are usually served and eaten in the warmth of the restaurant and tent. The food which is carried by the trekkers from around the world is surprisingly changing. The restaurant and tent are the hubs of any travel. It is here that will be fed with an amazing selection of tasty food and beverages.

 It seems much horror to go WC in Everest base camp.

Getting ready to experience and enjoy a long time the toilet, it's a single most effective way to uninstall! Besides, it’s a constant spiritual warfare to make a decision whether to venture into the frosty toilet tent in midnight. Toilets on Mount Everest base camp trek route will only become a dark hut with a dark pit. If there is no place to answer the natural call, a rocky edge or shrubs behind enough fixed time.

 it's much relax to read book in Everest base camp.

In the tent, you will be able to relax totally, such as watching DVD movies, listening to music, occasionally drinking beer, connecting to the family via satellite phone, browsing the Internet, reading and sending e-mails, or just relaxing with other trekkers in this group, playing cards or chatting.

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