When is the best time to trek to Everest Base Camp?

May every traveling enthusiast confused that when is the best time to trek to Everest base camp . They really hope someone kindly provi...

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May every traveling enthusiast confused that when is the best time to trek to Everest base camp. They really hope someone kindly provides this useful information for them. After all, the Everest base camp located at the foot of the Mount Everest is one of the must-sees for any of trip to Tibet, but the weather in the mountains is notoriously difficult to predict. For those that are considering going for a trip to EBC, we have compiled some useful information here for your convenience.

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The best seasons to Everest base camp trek

In general, the best time to go for Everest base camp trek is between February - May, and October – December when the conditions of the weather are appropriate for trekking. It's worth noting that the time from October to December is definitely the best time to trek. Because there is a good opportunity to see the best state of Mt Everest between the monsoon passes and the harsh winter moves in.

On the other hand, the spring months from March to May are also prime trekking months as the weather is not as cold as in winter. You have a great chance to clearly see the breathtaking sunrise of Mt. Everest. For most of the climbers, April and May are also the best time for them to climb the Everest than any of seasons.

Here is the monthly temperature for the best season to travel in EBC:

Apr: Max 10°C; Min -5°C

May: Max 15°C; Min 0°C

Jun: Max 17°C; Min 5°C

Sep: Max 19°C; Min 5°C

Oct: Max 12°C; Min 4°C

Nov: Max 10°C; Min -10°C

Wind speed: 14 km/h

Precipitation/month: 15 mm (0.6”) 

Sunshine hours/day: 7

What to wear and bring for traveling to EBC at best season:

Because the weather is mostly sunny and even warm during daytime but very cold at night, so you not only need to take short-sleeved shirts but also warm Jacket and sleeping bag. What’s more, you’d better keep your skin well protected with sunblock and sunglasses. 

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Other seasons to EBC:

Trek to Everest base camp in winter (from December to March):

It’s largely dominated by the migration of the jet streams in the Northern Hemisphere towards the South from December to March. As a result, it brings about a myriad of changes like colder temperatures, and heavier snowfalls. Each day the temperature is quite warm during the daytime if the sun is out, but the night gets increasingly colder. Although it’s not the best season to visit EBC, there are still many travelers love to trek in Everest in this time. It is too cold but the sky is very clear to see the views in winter.

Here is the monthly temperature for Winter Season in EBC:

Dec: Max 4°C; Min -15°C

Jan: Max 4°C; Min -17°C

Feb: Max 4°C; Min -15°C

Mar: Max 7°C; Min -12°C

Wind speed: 40 km/h

Precipitation/month: 5 mm (0.2”)

Sunshine hours/day: 7

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Rainy Season of Everest Base Camp (From mid-June to August)

If you want to trek to Everest base camp from mid-June to August, it’s likely to be affected by rain. During these seasons, it’s dominated by cloudy days and frequent raining every day. As a result, Mt. Everest might be covered by mist and make you disappointed if you long to see its real appearance. However, it’s actually the best time to visit other parts of Tibet.

Here is the monthly temperature for the rainy season:

Jun: Max 17°C; Min 5°C

Jul: Max 16°C; Min 8°C

Aug: Max 16°C; Min 6°C

Wind speed: 16 km/h

Precipitation/month: 190 mm (7.5”)

Sunshine hours/day: 5

When you trek to Everest base camp, you may be mindful about the weather forecast. Hope this article is useful for you to go for Everest base camp trek tour. Any problems about Everest base camp trek, you can contact me and I’m happy to be your travel guide. 

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