How to prepare for an Everest base camp trek tour?

If the trip is your passion, if the exploration is your hobby, if the adventure is your love, and you are committed to your passion, t...

enjoy an Everest base camp tour with friends from all over the world.

If the trip is your passion, if the exploration is your hobby, if the adventure is your love, and you are committed to your passion, then there is no second idea, as long as add an Everest base camp tour to your bucket list of places you want to visit in a lifetime. Reaching the height of 8848 meters is impossible for everyone. But if you do a trek to the Everest base camp, you will enjoy being close to the mountain. The EBC is the closest place to Mount Everest, which can reach without life-threatening challenges. You can feel the spectacle of Mount Everest, and the nearest landscape from the peak there.

On an Everest base camp tour, you can enjoy one nigh in tent at Everest base camp.
1 Travel agency for an Everest base camp tour:

The first step is looking for the right local Tibet travel agency. The rights agency refers to the local government registered by the Chinese government and the China Travel Agents Association. it not only can provide a Tibet travel permit to arrange an Everest base camp tour packages at different destinations in Tibet, but also can provide those Everest base camp tour packages at the most competitive prices. These travel agencies provide service such as different customizable packages, a reasonable Everest base camp tour route, airport transfers, the necessary tickets, passes and permits, reliable local guides, technically good driver and accommodation during your tour.

On the way to Everest base camp, you will visit famous Rongbuk Monastery.

2 Everest base camp tour route

In general, people are choosing to spend two or three days in Lhasa, then start to Mount Everest base camp. It’s good for you to get acclimatized to the high altitude and time equation. On the other hand, in Lhasa, you can visit the famous Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery, and experience the unique Buddhist culture in Tibet. Then, you will go pass the Kampala Pass (4794m) from Lhasa to Shigatse. On the way, you will take a short hike along the turquoise waters of Yamdrok Lake, see the charming Karola Glacier and spectacular Pelkor Chode Monastery. From Tingri, after getting the Alien’s travel permit, you will be through the Tsola Pass (4600M) and the Gyatsola Pass (5248M) to reach to Everest base camp. This is an 8-days Everest base camp tour package in Tibet. There is good news for travelers, who cannot spend 11 days on an Everest base camp tour. Most of the companies offer short-term Everest base camp tour packages, which allow trekkers to complete the EBC trek tour in just 8 days. However, trekkers always have the option of a detour, if they have time and are looking to explore more.

You will see a group of Tibetan antelope enjoy their good time at Everest base camp.

3 Things required during the Everest base camp tour:

On an Everest base camp tour, you should carry the appropriate clothes, including a fleece jacket, jumpers, thermal underwear, full-length T-shirt and synthetic fabric-made trousers, pairs of socks and proper walking shoes. To prevent the damage of the sun, you need to carry a hat, sunglasses, scarves, sunscreen lotion, and lip balm. Also, it’s a good idea for you to carry a good sleeping bag to protect your body from extreme temperatures. What’s more, it's necessary to carry flows of cash to pay for the local souvenirs and the extra cost which is not included in the tour package.

it's so beautiful landscape on Mt Everest base camp.

If you are a travel lover, you may have always dreamt of stepping on to the foot of the highest peak of the world- Mount Everest. Just enjoy a wonderful Everest base camp tour in your lifetime, and you will have a great memory!

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