Mount Everest- who really was first people to climb Mount Everest?

The peak of Mt. Everest reaches a height of 29 , 035 feet above sea level —— the highest point on Earth. Finally, the British were a...

The peak of Mt. Everest reaches a height of 29035 feet above sea level——the highest point on Earth. Finally, the British were allowed access in the early 1920s. They mounted a number of full-fledged expeditions including one in 1924 that claimed the lives of world-renowned Alpinist George Mallory and a young Oxford graduate named Andrew ‘Sandy’ Irvine. Further attempts on Everest were stalled by World War II. But on May 29 1953 two members of that year's British Expedition climbed Mount Everest from Tibet: Edmund Hillary, a beekeeper from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay, a professional mountaineer from the Everest foothills.

In 1953, Hilary joined in the British Mount Everest expedition. In April, the expedition began the fourteenth human challenge to the top of the world- Mount Everest. The mountaineering team built a mountain climbing base which is 5364 meters above sea level on the south side of the Mount Everest. After more than 40 days, the players gradually adapt to the high altitude of the life. The team selected two groups of assault on the peak team: the first group is British Evans and Boolean Geelong, the second group is the New Zealander Hilary and mountain guide Tenzing. At the end of May, the team began to through the Khumbu glacier which covered with dark ice cracks, marching along the Swiss expedition route which opened up in 1952.

Around 11:30 p. m. on May 29th, Hilary and mountain guide Tenzing successfully stood on top of the world. They opened a new page in human history and reached the top of the world. Hilary and Tenzing were so excited that they shook hands solemnly. Then Hilary opened the flag of the United Nations, Britain, India, and Nepal, burying a small cross in the snow. Meanwhile, Tenzing planted some ritual candy. Hilary and Tenzing looked north and south respectively for the beauty of Nepal and China's Tibet and stayed in the peak of Mount Everest for only 15 minutes.

Hilary later wrote in the biography describes the situation: "summit of the last few steps trek, suddenly a light is turned on in the dark tunnel of your mind. In front of our heads, there is nothing except for the sky. There is no ice canopy, no serac. We stood shoulder to shoulder on the summit, where we could stand down to six people. " "We have conquered Mount Everest," Hilary wrote calmly. The statistics show that the height of Mount Everest used by the British mountaineering team was 8840 meters. "I took off my oxygen mask and started taking pictures. We have to go back with the evidence. 15 minutes later, we began to retreat to the base camp."

At that time, Hilary took a photo of Tenzing at the summit. This photo is famous for recording the first human to ascend Mount Everest. In the picture, the Tenzing stands at the top of the mountain, holding a piece of ice with a flag fluttering in the wind. It’s a pity that Hilary couldn't leave any pictures of him as a souvenir since Tenzing couldn't use the camera.

On the evening of the summit, they retreated to the base camp. "We beat the son of a bitch," Hilary told his teammates. The London Rimes was the first to report on this human feat which made a splash in the world. Four days later, Elizabeth II became Queen of the United Kingdom. She granted Hilary the first title of nobility after her accession to the throne.

Hilary and Tenzing vowed not to tell the world who was the first to reach the summit.

Someone suspect that the real first landed on Mount Everest is not Hilary, but his mountain guide Tenzing. In the face of questioning, Hilary remained silent and refused to announce himself as the first person who reached the summit of Mount Everest. He only indicated that Tenzing and he as a team reached the summit, so more and more skeptic argued that Hilary gained fame by deceiving the public. Hilary only euphemistically indicated that this was his commitment to his companion.


Tenzing died in 1988. Until 1999, Hilary began to break the silence. In his book, called A View from the Summit was the first time to puzzle out who really was first to climb Mount Everest." We were so close that Tenzing loosened the rope and I continued to open up the road. Next, I climbed flat snow and looked out from there, there is nothing except for the sky." Hilary wrote." Tenzing came up quickly, and we looked around in amazement. When we realized that we were on the top of the world, we were wrapped up in great satisfaction."

We should always remember Hilary and Tenzing who conquered Mount Everest. Their efforts made climbing the world's highest mountain become accessible and our dreaming Everest tour turn into reality.

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