What Permits and Certificates needed for traveling to Everest base camp?

For foreigner traveler, traveling to Everest base camp in Tibet becomes more and more popular as the running of Tibet railway. But wh...

For foreigner traveler, traveling to Everest base camp in Tibet becomes more and more popular as the running of Tibet railway. But what are the permits and certificates needed for traveling to Everest base camp in Tibet?

Many foreign travelers may think that Tibet Travel Permit is the only a document they need to prepare when entering Tibet. In fact, it’s a misunderstanding. If a foreign traveler wants to enter Tibet, he or she should get a China visa first, then apply for Tibet Travel permit through a Tibet travel agency.

How to get China visa before Tibet Permit?

1 If you enter Tibet from mainland China or your home country:

Generally speaking, you can apply for China visa through a Chinese Embassy in your home country. When you fill the application form, you’d better not list Tibet as the travel destination in the form. Otherwise, you might be rejected for the visa. It’s good for you to list cities like Chengdu, Beijing, and Shanghai as your travel destination.

2 If you enter Tibet from Nepal:

If you want to depart from Nepal to Tibet, it is not necessary to apply for the Chinese visa in your home country. But you need to apply for a Tibet Group Visa through Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. The China group visa will be valid for 15 or 20 days. The group size may be any number of travelers, even just one traveler. All the names of your group members and your information such as your nationalities, birth dates, and passport numbers will be listed on the China group visa. It is worth noting that whether you've already got a China visa in your country or not, you must get a new one in Kathmandu, which is regulated in an official memo between China and Nepal. And once you get a China group visa in Nepal, your China visa obtained before becomes invalid automatically.

What documents you need when traveling to EBC in Tibet?

1 Tibet Travel permit:

The Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) is often mistakenly known as the Tibet Visa. In fact, it's the entry permit to enter Tibet. For foreign travelers, you can apply for the Tibet Travel Permit through a local tour agency in Tibet. The tour agency in Tibet usually needs your passport and China visa copies to apply for it from Tibet Travel Bureau around 20 days(shortest 12 days) before tour starts, and usually get it for you after 7-8 working days. In a word, it is impossible for foreign tourists to board a train or flight to Tibet without a TTP.


1) Both your enter and depart cities will be printed on your Tibet Travel permit, they are only cities you can enter and depart. Once your permit is issued here, you may need to take extra time and fee if later want to change it.

2) The permits also specify every destination and attraction you will visit on your tour and cannot be changed once you arrive in Tibet. Therefore it is essential that you finalize your itinerary with your tour operator before they apply for the TTP.

3) If you hold a visa different from the (L) Tourist visa, such as a student or work visa, you will need a letter from your school or company to clarify the purpose of your visit.

2 Alien's Travel Permit - PSB Permit

In addition to TTB permit, if you want to travel to Everest base camp in Tibet, you also need an Alien's travel permit. Your tour operator will help you apply for this permit according to your itinerary. It’s noted that you can apply for Alien's travel permit after you arrive in Tibet. Because you need the documents such as your original passport, China visa, and Tibet Travel Permit to apply for it. But don’t worry, it normally just takes several hours and costs CNY50 per person to get one.

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