A great journey to Everest Base camp!

Last time, I have been to Tibet and visited Potala Palace, Namtso Lake. Now, this is my first time to go to Everest base camp . I have ...

Last time, I have been to Tibet and visited Potala Palace, Namtso Lake. Now, this is my first time to go to Everest base camp. I have always dreamed of reaching Mount Everest base and climbing the summit. Mount Everest, 8844.43 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in the world, and also the main peak of Himalayas. I knew it was impossible to reach the summit of Mount Everest with my present physical condition and available money(Climb to Mount Everest will cost about 50 thousand dollars/per time), so it became my wish to do an Mt Everest Base camp tour and visit the grand Mount Everest as close as possible. The night before we went to Mount Everest, we had a few drinks at a bar in prayer for a nice trip. Cheers~

My friends and I have made a lot of preparations for this trip before the tour starts. We arrived in Shigatse the day before we arrived in Mount Everest, and adjusted for altitude changes. On the second morning, when the alarm clock did not ring, I woke up early. Too excited, haha. We left in early 8.30 and sat on an SUV with our tour guide, which was arranged by a local Tibet local travel agency.

The way to Everest Base camp is a mountain road. There are all kinds of S bends and elevation is slowly rising. Pray flags appeared from time to time. In such a severe natural environment, there is still life in endless growth, which made us very admire.

As the car progressed, the fields, the hillsides, one after another appeared in many mountains, let our hearts beat faster. We are all excited about this. Most time, we were guessing which mountain is the real Mount Everest. The excitement completely overwhelmed the discomfort caused by rising altitude, and we knew that we were getting closer to the world's highest peak, Mount Everest. After passing a frontier guard, the car stopped for inspection. I raised my camera and took a picture of the snow mountain grazing. Then the driver told me that the top of the mountain was Mount Everest!!!

As the view of the window grew more desolate and the snow grew bigger, the scene indicates us that we are getting closer to the summit of Mount Everest!!! We were almost excited to shout in the car, but considering the other passengers on the car, we had to suppress ourselves!! You can only press the shutter continuously to express the joy and excitement in your heart!!!

Suddenly, there was half of a mountain in front of us. It was so different that it came with a strong shock! The strong instinct in my heart tells me that it is the highest pearl in the world.

When the speed of the car gets slowly, everyone woke up, "Whoa!" In a loud voice, we lifted the camera in hand. And I just shouted, "stop! Parking! Stop the car! "

Mount Everest, you have jumped into our eyes like this! I felt the tears coming out of my eyes. Mount Everest, finally saw you with my own eyes! In order to achieve the time and cost paid here, the moment is not worth mentioning. Because in such a holy mountain, even life is insignificant. We arrived at the Gaura Mountain Pass, the legendary snow mountain viewing platform in the world. When the weather is fine, standing on the pass, we can see four peaks above 8000 meters above sea level closed in front of us. From left to right, Makarau is the highest fifth peak at 8463 meters above sea level, fourth meters above sea level and 8516 meters above sea level. If you look to the southwest, you can see the world's 14th-meter elevation of 8027 meters towering Shishabangma. At that moment, we were all at a loss, but the breathtaking spectacle. There are 14 peaks in the world, over 8000 meters above sea level, and we see more than half of them at a time. We are so lucky!!!

Not far from the tourist destination of the Everest base camp, we visited Rongbuk monastery, which is the tallest temple in the world. When we arrived at the camp, it was more prosperous than we thought. There are more tents selling souvenirs, such as fossils. What attracts us is the Mount Everest post office. It is the highest post office in the world and the most convenient post office.

Our overnight tent is very windproof. The tent was heated with iron stove to heat yak excrement. The smell was not so bad, but the temperature rose and fell quickly. I can't sleep well because of the low air pressure at night.

We have really a good memory in Tibet and Mount Everest base camp. 

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