China group visa application from Kathmandu to Lhasa

It’s in September 14th now, we got the lasted news about China group visa application. As far as we know, if you enter Tibet from Kat...

It’s in September 14th now, we got the lasted news about China group visa application. As far as we know, if you enter Tibet from Kathmandu, you need to stay at least 3-working days in Kathmandu to apply for your China group visa. It means that you don’t have to apply for a Chinese visa in your home country in advance. If you have already Chinese visa, this visa also will be cancelled as you will take a flight or go to overland tour to Lhasa from Kathmandu. 

Next, I will explain the process ofTibet travel. Now, the latest news from Tibet Tourism Bureau that from now on, if you have less than five people, they will not get you a Invitation letter about Tibet tour in Lhasa. In this way, you also can’t get your China group visa in Kathmandu without a invitation letter. So it becomes very difficult to enter Tibet from Kathmandu city if you have less than five people. 

1China group visa: 

Chinese group visa is a special visa issued to a tourist group that includes at least five members who must travel together in China and Tibet. It’s a single entry visa and it is issued separately, not a visa label on an individual passport. In order to apply for a China Group visa, you need an invitation letter from the Tibetan tourist company you are booking. When you arrive in Kathmandu, you need to apply for it with your original passport and a passport-sized photo, and an invitation letter from your Tibet travel agency. You can get it within 3 working days. Kindly note: Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu accepts visa application from 10:00 ~12:00 on Mon/Wed/Fri only officially. 

2Chinese visa: 

The Chinese visa is a document issued by Chinese Embassy in your home country. The Chinese visa authorities issue diplomatic, official or periodic visas to foreigners in accordance with their identity, purpose of visit or type of passport. The overseas Chinese visa authority is the Chinese Embassy in China, Consulate General and other institutions authorized by the Ministry of foreign affairs.

3Tibet Permits: 

Tibet Permits is a document issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. You can’t travel in Tibet if you don’t have Tibet Permits. As Tibet tour is limited for foreign tourists, you need to book a Tibet Tour with a travel agency who can get your Tibet Permit before you go for a visit to Tibet. 

But I also tell you a good news that for our travel agency, we find a good way to get your invitation letter even if you have less than five people and want to enter Tibet from Kathmandu. If you book Tibet tour with us, we will help you get a China group visa in Kathmandu no matter how many people you have. 

If you want to travel in Tibet from Kathmandu, please feel free to contact me. This is my email address: 

Thank you! 

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